About Us

Art by RedGothicRose

What are we?

Animeio.Kon is a small, mixed-media convention started by three friends who love nerd and anime culture and wanted to give others a chance to have fun at a small, local event. We are a one day convention, hosted in Livonia, Michigan.

Do you love anime? Looking for a chance to cosplay, hang out with friends, indulge your sweet tooth, and support local artists? Then this is the convention for you! We’ll be hosting our event at the Quality Inn in Livonia, Michigan, on September 13th, 2020 from 10am until 7pm. We have lots of amazing local talent for you to check out in our Artist Alley, and lots of fun panels scheduled – along with guest appearances from local Cosplayers and geeky Social Media Influencers! Not to mention, we’ll be hosting two sessions in our Maid Cafe! Come hang out with cute maids, or maybe even a handsome butler or two, and get your sweet tooth on~!

This will be our first year, and our success depends on you guys just as much as it does us. Follow us on Facebook, and Instagram, to keep informed on the latest updates and get a chance to win some really cool Official Animeio.Kon merchandise!